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Servicing Amazon EC2 F1 FPGA Customers

Field Programmable Gate-Arrays (FPGA) can provide unparalleled compute power via customizable hardware acceleration of software. MLE has repeatedly demonstrated the necessary technical expertise and FPGA design experience in accelerating 3rd-party compute problems via “unconventional” FPGA architectures. 

MLE's expert design services enable you to bring your compute problems to Amazon EC2 F1 instances – even if you are a first-time FPGA user.

We support you in your Amazon EC2 F1 project starting from first idea, over system architecture design, feasibility study, to roll-out and to scale-out. Our growing list of accelerator platforms and building blocks has been pre-validated and optimized to run on Amazon EC2 F1. To experience, first-hand, our implementation of an FPGA-accelerated Binarized Neural Network, please try the following AWS EC2 F1 instance from MLE:

To fully support you in your Amazon EC2 F1 projects MLE has been enabled by Amazon and Xilinx with sufficient seats for the required toolchain, and documentation. In return, MLE enables you to receive the full benefits of FPGA acceleration in the Amazon cloud!

Founded in 2010 by a group of FPGA business and technology veterans, MLE has established a reputation for delivering dependable solutions in the field of converging software and programmable logic. While MLE’s team has been instrumental in several system development tasks, our special area of expertise is the combination of FPGA device technology with Open Source Linux software:

  • Open Source Linux software provides your project with a rich set of functionality, which is proven, tested and available for almost all embedded applications and Operating System requirements with support for AMP or SMP for multi-core CPUs. Access to source code enables you to meet the needs of software maintenance for long product life-cycles, when necessary.
  • Modern FPGA device technology with High-Speed Serial IO can be a very cost-efficient user-programmable digital circuit technology which allows you to implement almost any IO standard and data protocol, including PCI Express, USB, TCP/UDP/IP, 1 Gig and 10/25 Gig Ethernet, AURORA, SATA-6G, SAS-12G. And, obviously, they are the best choice for implementing non-standard protocols, too. Today, FPGA are established as a next-generation compute platform for heterogeneous high-performance and low-latency data processing.

Behind MLE stands a growing team of well-trained and dedicated engineers who have solved many challenging aspects in configurable systems design and who are well equipped to help you in your design project. Given your project's needs we can start from system specification, via rapid prototyping, all the way to system bring-up and test. We all understand that some of hardest challenges are right in between "the hardware" and "the software" and that is why we all speak VHDL/Verilog and C/C++.

MLE is a Premier Member of the Xilinx Alliance Program. As such MLE passed a comprehensive review by Xilinx of technical, business, quality, and support processes and will continue to commit engineers to passing the same rigorous training used by Xilinx Field Application Engineers worldwide. MLE’s Xilinx toolchain expertise stretches from “classical” FPGA design with Xilinx Vivado using VHDL/Verilog over hardware-/software-partitioning to modern dataflow oriented design methodologies using High-Level Synthesis Xilinx Vivado HLS and Xilinx SDx.