Analog FPGA I/O

The “real” world is analog! And so, Embedded Systems must provide flexible, direct interfaces which support digital and analog connectivity. Delta-Sigma Modulators (DSM) with their oversampling and noise-shaping capabilities for analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) and ditigal-to-analog conversion (DAC) can almost entirely be embedded inside modern FPGA devices. However, to become a viable and dependable option for implementing Mixed-Signal Systems it is just not sufficient to insert a DSM function block into the FPGA device.
Instead, an application-specific design concept which augments the DSM ADC and the DSM DAC with appropriate signal conditioning via adequate digital filters is needed. Together with leading researchers from the Institute of Microelectronics at the University of Ulm, Germany MLE has been working on advancing DSM for FPGA devices. MLE's patent pending Mixed-Signal FPGA Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools make DSM technology applicable to your next Embedded System project.  

Please refer to these Technical Briefs to experience MLE's Mixed-Signal FPGA technology:


"Integrated ADC for Altera Cyclone-IV Devices"


"Integrated DAC for Altera Cyclone-IV Devices"