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In-Vehicle Networking

Auto/TSN builds on top of MLE's patented and patent pending networking and connectivity technology combining high-speed . Automotive Zone-Based Architectures can be implemented BLABLABLA Open Standards, IEEE TSN IEEE 802.3 802.1

PCIe over Auto/TSN

PCIe Inter-System Bridge for Auto/TSN

MIPI CSI-2 over Auto/TSN

IEEE 1722 Raw Video PDU Transport over Auto/TSN



Smart NICs

MLE provides full system stacks for FACs (Function Accelerator Cards) and Smart NICs (Network Interface Cards) for wired and wireless communications. This unique combination of connectivity technology licensed from Fraunhofer and MLE's patented and patent pending Full Accelerators offload server CPUs from Software-Defined Network processing.

Function Accelerators

SD-WAN Accelerators


Security and Trust

MLE provides solutions to secure products based on FPGA technology: MLE has ported OP-TEE to AMD/Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC and RFSoC including support for black keys, PUFs, eFUSES, etc. Furthermore, MLE has introduced networking security products for deep packet inspection and Data Diodes.

Data Diodes




FPGA-Based Acceleration

MLE provides platforms and middleware using various FPGA-based accelerator cards for applications running on ARM, x86, amd64, IBM OpenPOWER

Competence Areas

Accelerating Machine Learning

Amazon AWS