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Design Services

Behind MLE stands a growing team of well-trained and dedicated engineers who, for a decade, have solved many challenging aspects in configurable systems design and who are well equipped to help you in your design project. Given your project's needs we can start from system specification, via rapid prototyping, all the way to system bring-up and test. We all understand that some of hardest challenges are right inbetween "the hardware" and "the software" and that is why we all speak VHDL/Verilog and C/C++/SystemC.

While our team has been instrumental in several embedded system development tasks, our special area of expertise is the combination of FPGA device technology with Open Source Linux software.

Open Source Linux software provides your project with a rich set of functionality, which is proven, tested and available for almost all embedded applications and Operating System requirements with support for AMP or SMP for multi-core CPUs. Access to source code enables you to meet the needs of software maintenance for long product life-cycles, when necessary.

Modern FPGA device technology with High-Speed Serial IO can be a very cost-efficient user-programmable digital circuit technology which allows you to implement almost any IO standard and data protocol, including PCI Express, USB, TCP/UDP/IP, 1/5/10/25/50/100/200 Gig Ethernet, SATA-6G, SAS-12G. And, obviously, they are the best choice for implementing non-standard protocols, too.

Today, FPGA are established as a next-generation compute platform for heterogeneous high-performance and low-latency data processing. This means that FPGA design is far more than implementing glue logic. With the complexity of today's FPGA devices it becomes cost-efficient to implement programmable system-on-chip solutions with multiple processor cores, heterogeneous accelerators and peripheral blocks interfacing with multi-gigabit transceivers, for example. Therefore, a successful FPGA project demands a holistic approach and dependable relationships with 3rd party IP core vendors and close collaboration with the FPGA vendors.


Competence Area

MLE's well-trained and dedicated engineers offer various services to build your next Electronic System better and faster. Their special area of expertise is the combination of FPGA device technology with Open Source Linux software.


 Turnkey Solutions 

Together with our various Hardware and EMS Partners MLE provides complete, integrated turnkey solutions including hardware / PCB design and manufacturing, systems / software / FPGA design and test.


AMD/Xilinx Design Services

MLE is a Premier Partner of the AMD/Xilinx Alliance and works on all kinds of programmable devices from AMD/Xilinx: Legacy devices such as Spartan-3 and Spartan-6, 7-series, UltraScale and UltraScale+, and the newest Versal ACAPs. > Read more


Intel FPGA Design Services

Our Intel (Altera) FPGA design experience stretches from Altera Stratix IV, Cyclone IV and Cyclone V, over Intel Stratix 10 GX and Stratix 10 SX, to the newest Intel Agilex E-Tile, P-Tile, R-Tile, F-Tile and HPS. > Read more


Microchip  FPGA Design Services

To broaden our customers' choices for price, performance and longevity we have become a Design Partner for Microchip (MicroSemi) FPGAs where we have been using Microchip's PolarFire, PolarFire SoC and SmartFusion FPGAs. > Read more


Facilitating Work-from-Home for FPGA Designers

The Coronavirus forces us FPGA designers to work from home (WFH) while still facing challenging engineering deadlines … So, how can we work from home efficiently doing FPGA design, which typically requires access to FPGA hardware? Taking those FPGA boards home may not be the best option – particularly not when we need to collaborate through shared hardware / Devices-under-Test (DUT). MLE has faced similar challenges and has put together a solution for remote and shared access to FPGA boards. > Read more


Amazon AWS EC2 F1

As an Amazon AWS EC2 F1 Instance Partner MLE's expert design services enable you to bring your ideas or to port your existing FPGA solutions to Amazon EC2 F1 instances for cloud migration. > Read more


Past Projects

MLE can look back on many successfully completed customer projects. > Read more