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EETimes Europe Automotive

Sigma-Delta converters for audio output in an infotainment FPGA

EETimes europe AUTOMOTIVE June 2010

Use of FPGA technology to achieve high-quality analog audio in the parameterizable Altera PARIS infotainment platform.

Elektronik Embedded 2010

Die eigene Crypto-Engine im Xilinx-FPGA

Elektronik embedded, March 2010 (download PDF, german)

Implementing an AES crypto co-processor inside a Xilinx FPGA accelerates the PowerPC by factor 12.

Elektronik Report Jan/Feb 2010

Sigma-Delta-Wandler zur Audioausgabe in einem Infotainment-FPGA

Elektronik Report Jan/Feb 2010 (download PDF, german)

Field-Programmable Gate-Arrays (FPGAs) sind eine leistungsfähige und kostengünstige Alternative, wenn es im die Implementierung kompletter eingebetteter System samt wichtige Peripheriefunktionen geht.

Xilinx XCELL Journal Issue 66

Extend the PowerPC Instruction Set for Complex-Number Arithmetic

Xilinx XCELL Journal, Issue 66, 2008 (download PDF)

Using the APU inside a Xilinx Virtex-5-FXT can ease the design of field-upgradable automotive multimedia systems.