PRO DESIGN Announces Collaboration with Missing Link Electronics

PRO DESIGN Announces Collaboration with Missing Link Electronics to Offer FPGA Turnkey Solutions.           (download pdf) or visit business wire

Presentation at PCI-SIG Developers Conference 2018

MLE presents "PCIe Range Extension via Robust, Long Reach Protocol Tunnels" at the PCI-SIG Developers Conference 2018.

 (download slides) or visit our technical publications.

2nd Workshop: Programmable Processing for the Future and Autonomous Car

Nach dem erfolgreichen ersten Workshop, jetzt die Fortsetzung zum Thema "Programmable Processing for the Future and Autonomous Car - From classical FPGA to heterogeneous MPSoC", unterstützen wir, MLE aus Neu-Ulm und die Firma Xilinx aus München, Herrn Professor Anestis Terzis von der Hochschule Ulm bei der Organisation und Durchführung der zweiten offiziellen Runde. Wir laden Sie dazu recht herzlich ein, am Dienstag, den 26. Juni 2018 ganztags in Ulm (Hochschule Campus Albert-Einstein-Allee) mit Fach- und Führungskräften aus aus Forschung und Entwicklung der "Region", das Thema und die diversen Herausforderungen gemeinsam zu diskutieren.


MLE Joins OpenPOWER Foundation

MLE joins the OpenPOWER Foundation, an open technical community based on IBM's POWER architecture to collaborate and to contribute OpenPOWER based FPGA accelerators for high-percormance compute and datacenter applications.


Embedded World Conference 2018 - Technical Presentation

WED FEB 28, 2018 - Embedded World Conference 2018 at MCC Ost:

MLE presents "Analyzing the Generation and Optimization of an FPGA Accelerator with High-Level Synthesis" at Conference Session 12/III "FPGA based Hardware Solutions", Beginning: 2:30 PM.

(download slides)

Embedded World Exhibition 2018

TUE FEB 27 - THU MAR 1st - Exhibition Nuremberg

MLE will be at Booth 4-670 in Hall 4. In Addition to our exhibitions and free advices from our Engineers, MLE hosts a demo  at the Xilinx booth 3-311 in Hall 3 to showcase Neural Network design example on Ultra96 Board.


MLE is listed at AWS Marketplace

MLE is now listed at AWS Marketplace with FPGA-Accelerated Deep-Learning Inference with Binarized Neural Networks. For more information click the following link:


Fraunhofer HHI and MLE to Collaborate on 25/50G Ethernet MAC

German Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institute (HHI) and MLE collaborate to enhance Fraunhofer HHI's Low-Latency Ethernet MAC and TCP/IP Stack to support Xilinx UltraScale+ GTY Transceiver Technology for 25/50 Gig Ethernet.


MLE Supports Amazon EC2 F1 With Binarized Neural Network Inference

Users interested to witness the acceleration potential of FPGAs in the cloud for Machine Learning applications can now use an exemplary implementation of a reduced-precision Binarized Neural Network inference for CIFAR10 image classification, running on an Amazon EC2 F1 Instance.


Presentation at SNIA Storage Developers Conference 2017

MLE and Xilinx present "Heterogeneous Multi-Processing for Software-Defined Multi-Tiered Storage Architectures" at the SNIA Storage Developers Conference 2017.

 Download the slides or see the presentation or visit our technical publications.