MLE 1000 Series RPS Hardware Enhanced

Based on user feedback, the new hardware / PCB extends the MLE 1000 Series Rapid Prototyping System: Console I/O is now available via USB; FPGA device reconfiguration supports the Xilinx platform cable, and a realtime clock was added for data acquisition applications, for example.


MLE "Soft" Hardware Platform Release 3.0

A new release for the MLE "Soft" Hardware Platform adds support for additional 3rd party hardware platforms including the Xilinx Virtex-5 FXT FPGA ML507 Evaluation Platform. The new Release 3.0 is available for download, please see the release notes for more information.


Complete SATA Host Solution for Xilinx FPGAs

IP core provider ASICS World Services, Ltd. has been working with MLE to offer a complete SATA host solution for Xilinx FPGAs. To learn more read the Whitepaper at


MLE Remote Control for Android

An exemplary remote control for the Missing Link Electronics "Soft" Hardware Platform is now available for Android phones. This remote control works for stand-alone MLE systems as well as for the MLE Live Online Evaluation.


CAD-UL to offer MLE "Soft" Hardware Platform

CAD-UL Electronic Services GmbH in Ulm, Germany, partners with Missing Link Electronics to provide its customers rapid prototyping and turnkey solutions based on MLE "Soft" Hardware platform.


Embedded Technology Luncheon features MLE

During the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, CA, ASICSoft hosted an Embedded Technology Luncheon featuring the MLE "Soft" Hardware Platform.


MLE 4000 Series now available

The newly introduced MLE 4000 Series extends the IO connectivity of its' companion, the MLE 1000 Series, by providing a variety of high-speed connectivity, including high speed serial links of up to 6.5 Gbit per second. Housed in a 19 inch enclosure, the MLE 4000 Series provides users with even more efficient direct access to a wide variety of interfaces and IOs for system development, prototyping and testing.


AES Crypto Engine for Xilinx FPGAs

Utilizing the powerful Auxiliary Processor Interface (APU) for the embedded PowerPC CPU inside Xilinx Virtex4FX and Xilinx Virtex5FXT device, we have implemented an AES Crypto Engine which is twice as fast as leading edge embedded CPU such as ATOM.


MLE 1000 Series Release 2.2.1

New firmware and software for the MLE 1000 Series RPS is now available. The new functionality includes stability fixes to make the DVI-D controller VESA compliant. The new Release 2.2.1 is available for download.


MLE 1000 Series Release 2.2

New firmware and software for the MLE 1000 Series RPS is now available. The new functionality includes stability fixes in the CAN controller and the TEMAC Ethernet driver. The new Release 2.2 is available for download.