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High-Speed Camera Interfaces with Fraunhofer HHI TCP/IP

Excelitas PCO GmbH has licensed MLE NPAP, the TCP/UDP/IP Full Accelerator originally invented by Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI).

Martin Schwarzbauer, Product Development Manager Camera Systems at PCO, says: "We rely on the TCP protocol because we need reliable data without a backup layer for lost data at the application level. TCP takes place at the center protocol layer of the OSI model and is implemented as an IP core in FPGA logic. This results in significantly shorter latency, avoiding costly external DRAM buffers. Plus, due to the flow-control mechanism of TCP, the transmission bandwidth can be much higher between the between the camera and subsequent processing in a PC."

Alexander Grünig, CTO of PCO, adds: "The IP core from Missing Link Electronics fits perfectly our streaming concept, because it operates in programmable logic without the need for a CPU core. During our benchmarking and evaluation phase we clearly saw the advantages of this technology."

PCO, an Excelitas Technologies® Corp. brand, is a leading specialist and Pioneer in Cameras and Optoelectronics with more than 30 years of expert knowledge and experience of developing and manufacturing high-end imaging systems. The company’s cutting edge sCMOS and high-speed cameras are used in scientific and industrial research, automotive testing, quality control, metrology and a large variety of other applications all over the world.

The PCO® advanced imaging concept was conceived in the early 1980s by imaging pioneer, Dr. Emil Ott, who was conducting research at the Technical University of Munich for the Chair of Technical Electrophysics. His work there led to the establishment of PCO AG in 1987 with the introduction of the first image-intensified camera followed by the development of its proprietary Advanced Core technologies which greatly surpassed the imaging performance standards of the day.

Today, PCO continues to innovate, offering a wide range of high-performance camera technologies covering scientific, high-speed, intensified and FLIM imaging applications across the scientific research, industrial and automotive sectors.

Acquired by Excelitas Technologies in 2021, PCO represents a world renowned brand of high-performance scientific CMOS, sCMOS, CCD and high-speed cameras that complement Excelitas’ expansive range of illumination, optical and sensor technologies and extend the bounds of our end-to-end photonic solutions capabilities.