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Storage Solution with ASICS World Services

ASICS World Services and Missing Link Electronics have teamed up to address the growing cost and risk of integrating high-functionality IP cores into FPGA-based systems. Missing Link Electronics has developed a completely integrated, pre-validated Linux reference design for Asics World Services SATA Host IP for:

  • Stratix-IV (on Terasic DE-4),
  • Virtex-5FXT (on ML507) and
  • Zynq (available soon).

Missing Link Electronics Linux for NIOS-II and PowerPC are accompanied by ASICS World Services SATA Host IP. Spinning disks or SSD attached to the SATA-Ports show up and are accessible as standard Linux block devices.

Missing Link Electronics provides configurable Single Board Computer platforms where the microcontroller can be optimized towards the Open Source software that runs on it – and the particular application the system serves. These platforms come with a full GNU/Linux software stack pre-installed which comprises kernel, drivers and a root filesystem of many hundred application software packages. This creates an environment similar to an industrial PC with full TCP/IP networking via Ethernet, WiFi, or UMTS/GSM, for example. Also included are many options of adaptable I/O interfaces such as USB, Bluetooth, DVI, Audio, SPI, IIC, CAN, analog I/O, LVDS, GPIO, and – the ASICS World Sevices’ SATA Host IP core.

This SATA Host IP core has been certified for Serial ATA Revision 3.0 compliance on a Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA by the UNH IOL SATA Consortium in May 2010.

Rudolf Usselmann, CTO and Founder of ASICS World Services says: “Missing Link Electronics is our partner to provide our customers the Asics World Services SATA Host IP with completely integrated and pre-validated Linux reference design for Stratix-IV (on Terasic DE-4), Virtex-5FXT (on ML507) and Zynq (available soon) as well as for NIOS-II and PowerPC.

Since 2010, Missing Link Electronics is working with ASICS World Services on FPGA-based Storage IP core integration. ASICS World Services, also a Xilinx Alliance Partner, provides a broad line of general-purpose IP cores for ASIC & FPGA.

ASICS World Services provides a broad line of general-purpose IP cores, including a variety of USB related products such as USB 2.0 OTG IP Cores as well as various others such as SATA I/II IP Core, encryption (AES), error correction (Reed Solomon), and many other functions.

ASICS World Services was conceived and founded in 1999, immediately starting to offer various products and services. Since then ASICS World Services has established a world wide reputation for professional highest-quality IP Cores with flexible licensing at a low cost. The engineering team is made up of highly experienced senior engineers who have been in the digital design environment for 12-25 years prior to joining ASICS World Services. Rapidly expanding customer base is quickly promoting ASICS World services to one of leading IP providers in the world.