XPS USB Host Controller Developer’s Guide

This MLE Technical Brief is intended for embedded systems and FPGA designers who seek to integrate the XPS_USB_HOST Controller IP Core. Originally developed and shipped by Xilinx, Inc. MLE has been marketing and supporting this IP core for Xilinx customers, since October 2011. This Technical Brief gives you an introduction into the functionality of USB 2.0 in general, describes the usage in a FPGA design and provides references to further documentation.

Foundation of this Technical Brief is the XPS_USB_Host Controller Linux Reference Design from MLE. Using this reference design the various modes of USB can be evaluated based on some basic and easy to reproduce test-cases. This highlights how the XPS_USB_HOST Controller IP Core operates in conjunction with Linux running on an embedded CPU (Xilinx MicroBlaze or PowerPC) inside a Xilinx FPGA device.

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