Our Vision

At MLE we share the vision of technology leaders such as IBM and Xilinx: General purpose compute architectures are running out of steam. Domain-specific compute architectures have become a necessity to deliver higher compute performance.

This drives compute-hungry applications such as Autonomous Vehicles or Datacenter Analytics or Deep Neural Network algorithms for Edge Inference to adopt Field-Programmable Gate-Arrays (FPGA), either as highly integrated, single-chip Adaptable Compute Acceleration Platforms (ACAP) or as reconfigurable compute companions tightly coupled to powerful CPUs via links that deliver massive bandwidth at very low latency.

Your Challenge

lies in a gap between what FPGA technology makes possible to do and what a typical engineering team can do within today's tight deadlines. This Design Productivity Gap makes FPGA technology difficult and risky for new adopters. World-wide, only a small portion of engineers has the unique skill set to master the complexity of FPGA programming: 

  • Filling over 100 million gate-equivalents with correct functionality
  • Configuring hundreds of pins, each one to meet one of the many different I/O standards
  • Parameterizing configurable I/O transceivers for at ten’s of gigabits to guarantee signal integrity
  • Fully use of heterogeneous compute elements such as Lookup Tables (LUT), Digital-Signal Processing (DPS) blocks or modern Math Engines (ME)
  • Implementing rich software for powerful embedded multi-core CPUs in AMP or SMP
  • Inter-Process Communication (IPC) between multiple CPUs with different Operating Systems,
  • Speaking various languages including classical Hardware Description Languages, VHDL and Verilog, and High-Level Languages C, C++, or SystemC
  • Thinking in streaming algorithms to deliver energy and cost-efficient custom high-speed processing blocks for Data-in-Motion

Our Mission

is supporting customer projects with deep expertise and hands-on design services, offering pre-validated FPGA subsystems of FPGA blocks integrated with (open source) software, applying and promoting novel FPGA design methodologies for increased design productivity, including High-Level Synthesis, and fostering FPGA education via strong relationships with teaching and research engagements at Universities.

Our Applications and Markets

Over the last 30 years FPGAs have demonstrated significant values in applications which need highly-flexible programmable silicon across a wide span of markets and technologies - from consumer to cars to the cloud. MLE has successfully delivered solutions for classical or high-speed connectivity, software and system acceleration, Digital Signal Processing or Deep-Learning.

  • Datacenter storage, network protocol and algorithm acceleration in the cloud
  • Autonomous Driving and ADAS in automotive markets
  • Test & Measurement with high-speed data acquisition or recording
  • Image processing and sensor fusion with camera, Radar, Lidar sensors

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